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Meet Wendy

Meet Wendy

Wendy Prior

Personal Change Specialist
Coach, Writer, Creative

Founder of
The Wise Girlfriend
Sharing success strategies with women who want to change to become more of who they really are.

The Wise Girlfriend shares success strategies, thought provoking insights and game changing perspectives with women who are longing to create change for the better. Whether that’s for themselves, their friends and family, within their businesses or for a wider philanthropic cause.

The Wise Girlfriend programmes and free content platforms are perfect for you if you’ve always felt a deep sense that there is something more to life than you are currently experiencing; a knowing in your soul that you are here for something bigger than your day to day existence; a desire to make a difference and leave a legacy if you could only nail what, when and how.

Women are innately and immensely powerful, compassionate and wise. And yet, caught up in our own chaos, drama and insecurities, we fail to connect with ourselves and wind up feeling uncertain and ill at ease; doubting our capabilities and acting in ways that don’t reflect who we truly are. Years down the line, still spinning our wheels and wondering what’s wrong with us, the pain of what we label as procrastination only adds to our unresourceful stories about ourselves.

I’m here to tell you you are not alone and it’s not too late. You are more powerful than you have ever been. More capable than you could ever give yourself credit for. You just need to hear the whisper of your wise girlfriend in your ear. She’s always been with you if you’d only trust and listen.
Doubtless, you will have experienced times when life has been incredibly challenging or completely amazing and every variation in between. Perhaps there have been stretches when money has flowed but you are not as happy and fulfilled as you’d like to be. At other times money is tight but you’ve felt a deep sense of happiness or achievement. For some of us, our Achilles Heel shows up as physical illness, aches and pain, relationship dramas or weight issues and we wonder if will we ever feel well enough, look good enough or find the time, confidence and energy to act on our hearts desires. 

I’ve dedicated a decade to understanding what is really going when we feel uneasy with life (despite how much we already have). I’ve delved deeply into what we are really seeking when we think we want something we don’t yet have. My findings have been fascinating, at times counterintuitive, game-changing and transformative in equal measure. 

Start your journey back to yourself and get to know me and a community of fellow wise girlfriends and I’ll help you tune back into your inner knowing and innate wisdom. Anything you want is still possible for you, those you love and the causes you care about. 

Woman, you are wise. 

By sharing the wisdom I’ve gained during a decade dedicated to finding my personal why, my intention is to reconnect you to your beauty, strength, compassion, ambition and power, even when life has taken over and you have temporarily forgotten.


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It was incredible how working with the horses is empowering and also helps you get clarity on things that you’ve been mulling over in your mind for a while. Jo Tocher

Wendy can dance between the worlds, integrating a very practical business head with an intuition and sensitivity that is combined with a depth of experience. H Sanderson

My name is Wendy Prior, a highly qualified and experienced Personal Change Consultant fresh from the UK, where my client base largely comprises private London based women.  I use cutting edge techniques to move you from tired, overweight, stuck and confused, to happy, aligned, empowered and energized.  In Dubai since September 2016 and currently writing my debut book on Profound Personal Change, I am inviting applicants from potential clients who I will support with the utmost confidentiality from my Arabian Ranches home.