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Many bright and successful women live with a knowing that they here for something bigger than their day to day existence; a desire to make a difference and leave a legacy if they could only figure out what, when and how.

Wendy Prior

Personal Change Specialist

Are you…

  • Successful in life, but second guessing yourself
  • Restless for change but unsure if it will all be worth it
  • Managing the complexity of a situation you had little control over

Do you…

  • Know there is something more, but lack confidence/don’t know where to start
  • Long to create change, but need support from someone who’s been there
  • Wake at night churning all the options and worry that you might be going crazy

I can help.

I’m a Personal Change Specialist, product creator and qualified coach, educated to Masters levels, and with 30 years’ experience in the personal development sector.

Having successfully navigated a decade of profound personal change in my own life and supported countless women to do the same, I’d be honoured to accompany you on this next phase of your journey.

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What will happen on the call?

  • We’ll invest an hour in you
  • You’ll gain clarity about where you are now and where you want to be
  • We’ll connect with the things that are holding you back from your heart’s desires

And then

If you think we are a fit for each other, we’ll discuss how we can work together to get you where you want to go.

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It was incredible how working with the horses is empowering and also helps you get clarity on things that you’ve been mulling over in your mind for a while.
Jo Tocher

I received your DECK!!
Wow!!! So so beautiful.
Thank you so so much!! 
Already drawn my first card!

Wendy can dance between the worlds, integrating a very practical business head with an intuition and sensitivity that is combined with a depth of experience.
H Sanderson

Wendy Prior is a Coach, Writer, Creative and Personal Change Specialist.

Following a decade of exploring her skills as a coach, she founded The Wise Girlfriend in 2017 as a vehicle to share success strategies with women seeking change for the better. In 2020 Wendy published The Wisdom of Change oracle deck which captures the key elements of change wisdom that led her to transform the trajectory of her own life and support countless clients to do the same. She is currently writing her first book; a guide for women seeking to create or having to navigate profound personal change.

Wendy has spent the past decade excavating and dusting off her Wise Girlfriend success strategies! During this time, she found herself in deep conversation with her inner knowing in order to lose 63 pounds of unwanted body fat, heal and grow from the end of a long-term relationship, chart the choppy waters of single motherhood, triumph in the face of financial difficulty, embark on the intense learning journey of entrepreneurship, survive the online dating scene, marry her soul mate, publish her first creative project, begin writing her first book and relocate to Dubai with her husband and children. Returning to the UK in May 2020 in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Wendy has settled in mid Devon and is enjoying the British countryside while working with clients from around the world.

You can get to know her (and yourself) better by subscribing to her email series ‘28 Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom’ where she shares the insights and approaches that continue to work for her and support her growing community of fellow wise girlfriends.