Each week in The Wisdom of Change blog series, I share the original artwork and unpack the insights and meaning behind one of the 44 cards in The Wisdom of Change oracle deck.

This week’s card is 9 Clarity

There’s something rather special about moments of clarity when the haze and uncertainly of things trying to come together subsides. 

In periods of change there are often multiple moving parts, all trying to find their perfect place in the revised whole.  It can feel unsettling and frustrating during the time that everything is up in the air.  It can be tempting to push and orchestrate, to control and despair, to wonder if we are doing enough or doing something wrong. But in my experience, all drama of this nature is a painful waste of effort. 

Of course, it is useful to identify the nature of the moving parts.  It is reasonable to expect that we will visualise the ideal outcome in our minds eye and get excited by that vision.  In the gap that exists between where we are now and where we want to be, we may feel ill at ease while we wait for delivery of our desired state.  But have you noticed how things seem to work out better than you could have imagined when you surrender and let everything fall into place?

We can only orchestrate periods of change to a certain extent.  One of the most helpful things I’ve learnt about bringing desired change towards me is to focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.  In other words, to gain clarity on what do I want and why do I want it?  Answering these two questions always feels resourceful; my energy levels are high, my creative muscles are working, my sense of self-worth is strong and I feel good in the positive energy of change for the better.  

The ‘how’ of change largely falls outside of our control. Starting with the ‘how’ feels limiting, overwhelming and oftentimes, impossible. Placing the lion share of my attention in the ‘how’ only results in foggy thinking, frustration, self-doubt and burnout. 

Moving back from Dubai to the UK during a global pandemic, finding a home, selling a house, choosing schools, navigating the ‘new normal’ of my husband’s retirement and refocussing my business in the light of recent changes have presented plenty of variables this summer.  I’ve coached myself to remember what I’ve learnt; that these things can take time and will only head in a fruitful direction if I am clear about what I am doing and why. 

As Autumn draws close, the moving parts are slowing down.  I can feel each element of my plan finding its rightful place in its own good time. I’m remembering to let go of my struggle with control and the more I have allowed myself to be comfortable with this, the easier change becomes.

So, whatever you are fighting to change, surrender.

Wherever you are experiencing cloudy thoughts and hazy outcomes, spend time gaining clarity about where you are heading and why.

And when all your best laid plans are refusing to deliver, trust in divine timing and know that everything is working out perfectly for you.

Your desires have been heard.

All will become clear.

You’ve got this.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s connection to your inner wisdom.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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