It’s late Spring in the UK. The cold, grey winter is more distant in our memory and though we are not yet feeling the Summer warmth of the sun on our skin, it’s a time of renewal and hope. We feel called to throw open the windows, get rid of clutter and let the fresh air in. The longer days coax us outside to marvel at blossoms and dodge the rain showers. Our spirits are lifted by the playful wildlife.

On a planetary level, the invitation is similar. We are being beaconed towards a new era by a shift in energies that we are collectively experiencing. From politics to pandemics, riots to global warming, humanity’s impact on the destiny of the earth has never been clearer. I recently researched the influence of the dawning age of Aquarius on those of us who are feeling called to something bigger. For the past two thousand years, humanity has lived in the Piscean age. We are currently experiencing the hundred year or so transition period into the new age. It’s a very special time to be alive when we understand the forces at play and what they are inviting us to become.

Aquarian energy is encouraging us to drop the mask, individualise ourselves, know ourselves better and follow the calling to be the pioneers of a new era. It requires us to let go of beliefs that aren’t allowing us to expand on a personal level. It’s encouraging us to express ourselves in new ways and bring our creative projects and businesses into the world. Aquarius knows our self-expression gives others permission to step into theirs.

There is no room for hiding, self-doubt and stories about ourselves that aren’t relevant anymore. The new era is making the illusions on which the Piscean age was built increasingly obsolete. When we hang on to old stories, hide our true selves and reside in self-pity to keep ourselves small, we feel increasingly separate from the oneness of the universe.

I once worked with an incredible coach who invited me to drop my trump card. She explained that each of us harbour burdens that justify why we are not where we want to be in life; why we can’t live the life we truly desire. When we play our trump card, we pull out a story that no one can argue with. No one will call you on your trump card without appearing unreasonably insensitive, so you get to keep the story that has you perennially playing small. Trump cards include someone dying, a broken relationship, your own illness or the illness of someone close to you. Being on the receiving end of appalling behaviour and experiencing any form of abuse all count as trump cards that are unlikely to ever be taken from you. Being asked to drop your trump card may seem harsh, but when you don’t play it every time you are invited to take a step forward to better your life, the results are astounding.

Lovingly I inquire; which of your trump cards might you drop today?

You’ve got this!


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