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In order to create profound personal change we first need to identify what we’d like to be different.  We then need to create some courageous conversations, both within ourselves and with others.  It is only when we have the courage to get clear and honest with ourselves about what we really want, that lasting change can begin to take shape.

Achieving what we desire most likely requires something to be viewed or done differently.  It is not always straightforward to create or manage the optimum conditions for sustained personal change, but it is always worthwhile.

Sometimes the process on improving our experience of life is downright difficult and scary, fraught with feelings of isolation and ponderings if you have finally lost your mind.  It can be difficult to navigate these unchartered waters alone, which is why so many of us take so long to achieve the lasting change we desire.  We simply keep reverting to what we know; not because we want to, but because the path ahead is not sufficiently illuminated.

Change in life is inevitable; our response to it, and whether we chose to grow as a result, is optional.  By sharing my thoughts and experiences via this blog, my intention is to support you to choose wisely.  What I share here are the strategies, insights, experiences and approaches that have worked for me (and my clients) to achieve desired personal change.

So many of us are stuck in struggle, fear and guilt when we look at our lives and identify what we’d like to be different.  It’s not our fault.  They don’t teach us the techniques we need in school or university.

The starting point for desired change is curiosity.  If we don’t ponder how we can achieve something new or wonder why things are not as we desire them to be, we can never ask the intelligent, intuitive, insightful questions that sign the way forward.

One definition of madness is to continue to do the same things and yet expect to get different results.  Time and again I marvel at the power of counterintuitive action when it comes to creating desired change and responding to unwanted or unexpected change.

‘Let it be easy’ is a key message for women, for whom society has taught that rewards come only as a result of hard work and sacrifice.

We are only just beginning to understand the power of counterintuitive action and the radically different way in which the feminine can manifest and create abundance with grace and ease.

I look forward to expanding these thoughts and observations with you.