Each week in The Wisdom of Change blog series, I share the original artwork and unpack the insights and meaning behind one of the 44 cards in The Wisdom of Change oracle deck.

This week’s card is 30 Letting It In

What a powerful card to guide our first week of repatriation into the UK.

With all the complexity of moving to a new house and from one country to another in the backdrop of a global pandemic, I might be forgiven for forgetting to look for ease.  We thought that we would have at least another year in Dubai and told ourselves that this timeframe would deliver the ease we were looking for on our return to the UK.  It was a relatively spurious set of criteria that had led us to that decision, but nonetheless we allowed ourselves to feel slightly rueful that Covid-19 had brought us home ‘too soon’.

It never ceases to amaze me how we ‘delay our good’ with self-imposed timeframes.  There is a tendency in many of us to consider that what we really want lies so far ahead of us, we are in danger of never reaching it.  As we settle back into British life, I am counting the ways that we are blessed and taking time to let in all the good that surrounds our homecoming.  We have a beautiful base to spend our two-week quarantine period (my parents unused air B&B in central Windsor), and the welcoming home of my ex and his new wife to receive our children and their beloved pets in the Suffolk countryside.  Our nightly routine is to settle, sometimes with a glass of wine, open our laptop and review which part of the British countryside we might like to call home.

Yes, of course we could choose to place our focus on the what might have beens and feelings of regret that our plans for Dubai were ‘cut short’ through no fault of our own, but really, where would that leave us? When we focus on ‘what we might have had’ or may have achieved under a different set of circumstances, we remain stuck.  As we chose to view our situation through a more truthful lens, it’s clear that what we desire has arrived ahead of our timeframe for its delivery.  Our role is to recognise this, reconcile with it and simply let it in.

When we run a story in our mind that tells us we are ‘not on track’, have had opportunities taken away, or that we are falling short of our goals, we are not in the right mindset to take delivery of anything!  All too often, what we are looking for is right there waiting for us to recognise it.

Last time I found myself feeling stuck despite all the work I’d been putting in, one of my coaches encouraged me to look for ‘low hanging fruit’. She was referring to abundance and opportunity that was so close to home, I hadn’t even noticed it.  It worked a treat. What’s more, with a reframed mindset programmed to look for what’s already arrived, or ready to take delivery of, more of the same is attracted towards us.

For now, I am being invited to let in a period of rest and recuperation, consolidation and doubling back on what we thought we wanted.  Its a moment to pause and make sure that none of my desires are outdated.  We are being invited to while away a few days to let things land and integrate, to allow our bodies to reassure us that they are Covid-19 free and to receive beautiful photos of our children with their father’s family and their newly repatriated pets in the Suffolk countryside.

As I rest and reflect, I am truly letting it in; all that we have, all that has been and all that will unfold. All in perfect timing. In the past I would have fretted; desiring to push hard against my natural  rhythm; not heeding the perfectly built in pauses and pitstops; trying to find energy for action ahead of its time, unsettling my mind with unhelpful stories and unending questions such as ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘what next?’

And so for now, I sleep when I’m tired, eat when I’m hungry, write when I feel inclined and create as I feel inspired. I recognise the perfect repatriation experience I am being gifted. I view potential countryside idylls online and research what might be the perfect school solution for the children.  I let gratitude wash over me and deep inner knowing guide me. 

This is what letting it in feels like for me at this time.

How about you?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s connection to your inner wisdom.

As always, I’d love to hear your comments below.

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