Each week in The Wisdom of Change blog series, I share the original artwork and unpack the insights and meaning behind one of the 44 cards in The Wisdom of Change oracle deck.

This week’s card is 7 Listen Within

I have never experienced fear quite like that which accompanies profound personal change.  Becoming an unequivocal yes to yourself takes some courage.  No more selling out on yourself, being flaky with commitments that you promised yourself or people pleasing to avoid saying what you really want.  If you don’t take time to listen within, you can expect to be distracted.  Before you know it, you are engaging in drama that pulls you away from a bigger priority in your life.  Being there for you and not abandoning yourself is a way of life that takes a bit of practice, some ‘sweaty palm’ moments and a few false starts.

With so many things vying for your attention, inviting you to feel guilty and generally derailing you, taking time to listen within is essential.

When we have a long and established list of ways in which we disregard ourselves, it can be difficult to break our habit of unresourceful behaviours.  Before we know it, we have said yes, when we’d dearly prefer to say no.  Before we hear our inner guidance, we have listened instead to the gremlin that calls us selfish for wanting to put ourselves first (and boy, that critter shouts loudly!)

Remembering to listen within, recognising when this is needed and taking the time to do it is the basis of change in the right direction.  Without these foundations in place we get busy climbing our ladder, only to find it was up against the wrong wall.  So often we end up doing what others want in a way that leaves us feeling depleted. We conform to what society expects of us in a way that leads us to experience dissonance and overwhelm. Our refusal to listen to the inner voice that speaks with gentle authority, calmly and only once, is a fast track to a sick soul. 

Taking steps to end the madness we find ourselves experiencing on a daily basis will result in a few raised eyebrows (and maybe even some tantrums from those who have a vested interest in you behaving the way you always have).  It may make your heart race and call upon nerves of steel to say no to something that other people have come to expect of you, but the reward will be sweeter than the discomfort of changing the status quo.

Discomfort of any kind is a version of fear.  Feeling fear is something western culture labels as unpleasant.  But when fear comes knocking, listen within.  It has an exquisite message for you.  It invites you to connect with your true feelings, to uncover simple solutions to complex issues and to hear new insights trying to get your attention.  Listen within; it guides you to claim back time, take back power, prioritise self-care and minister to yourself when you have self-abandoned.

If, like so many us, you are present to fear at this time, I lovingly invite you to go through the veil.  Resist the temptation to turn away from your fear.  Instead, pull back the curtain and enter the room that appears unwelcoming.  Pull up a chair and listen to yourself.  Hear the guidance of your inner wisdom.  Feel the fear and notice it subside as it delivers you the most perfectly timed messages and the most elegant solutions.

If you get stuck, drop me a line.  We will have you connected back to grace and ease in no time 😉

You’ve got this x

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s connection to your inner wisdom.

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