There is a lot of talk about living in 5D at the moment. I love how we are finding the words to describe this concept and how it is finding its way into many more of our conversations. I’m fascinated by how we articulate our understanding of 5D living. For me, it is a way to describe a lifestyle guided by an internal perspective that is often aspirational. Aspirational because it is challenging to remain in 5th-dimensional consciousness when most of the world still operates in from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

A quick run-down of the dimensions goes something like this… The first dimension represents anything and everything. It’s where it all began, where all came from and where we will return to. The first dimension is sometimes referred to as unity consciousness. Quantum physics describes how we are all interconnected and how none of us can do anything that isn’t somehow felt everywhere across the universe. When one dimensional unity splits and expands into the second dimension, it is the first time we experience ourselves as apart from the whole.  

2D consciousness is when fragments of the divine (us) are sent out as satellites to reflect back aspects of the whole so that it can know itself better. Just as we cannot know ourselves completely without being able to see our own reflection, we are mirrors that show the whole its innumerable facets from a myriad of perspectives. We move deeper into 2D the more we understand who we are through our experiences. Every time we look at something from a new angle, we see something different and reveal another perspective. This is an expansion of consciousness, but it also creates polarity; a sense of black or white, right or wrong, masculine or feminine and so on. 

When we understand the concept of polarity, we gain polarity consciousness which leads us into the third dimension. The more we expand our consciousness the wider the lens of understanding becomes. Not everyone will understand higher-level consciousness concepts at first. As a result, frustrations arise, and misunderstandings can occur. We may feel obliged to justify ourselves which can have us feeling ill at ease and compromised. The more open-minded we become, the more we can see things from different angles.

The 3rd dimension is all about ancestors, tribes, religion, and the pursuit of the truth. It’s about using science to prove things and to accumulate and establish bodies of knowledge. There is a lot of crazy stuff playing out in the world because of a 3D way of looking at things, but the 4th and 5th dimensions need the information gained in 3D in order to evolve, so all is not lost. 

In the fourth dimension, it is no longer just about science and what can be proven. It is not about deciding what is good or bad, right or wrong. We start to explore more spiritual concepts and begin to acknowledge the power of the subconscious mind. We experience conscious polarity, which means we question why something is considered right or wrong. We recognise that we are all here to express ourselves. Our growing desire for self-expression leads us to dabble and experiment with things that will widen our perspective. We decide to not just follow the crowd but to figure out what we really think. This can lead to being challenged by the tribe for not conforming. It can be a deeply challenging time on a personal level when we seek to both belong to something and at the same time differentiate ourselves from mass consciousness. 

In our own expression of life, we start to follow our calling, honour our desires, follow our intuition, and go on a journey towards our purpose, passion and mission. We take a more individualised approach to understanding polarity. We move the pieces of the puzzle around and create new thought processes and insights. We try things on for size and begin to play with the divine. Concepts like manifesting, intuition and inner guidance play an increasingly bigger role in the way we go about our lives. We become preoccupied with questions such as: 

What could I create? 
Who am I really? 
How am I different from everybody else and why? 
Where is all this going? 
How can I be here for something bigger than just me? 

In the 4th dimension, we are able to observe polarity, but we don’t know what we are observing because we are still experimenting with our understanding. 3D consciousness has us protesting for peace versus war, but this is still polarity. In 4D we remain for and against things, but we are conscious of this duality. Unlike in 3D when we do things automatically because of the tribe effect, in 4D we start to question and individualise. 

Living in 5D is all about raising the consciousness of the planet so that we can remove polarity. In 5D love is the main expression of everything. Love is a combination of everything at once. Much in the same way that white is a combination of all the colours, love is the blending of everything, both good and bad so that it ends up with a neutral charge. In 5D relationships, it is less about who’s right and who’s wrong and much more about what the other person shows us about ourselves; what they enable us to deal with and heal. In 5D we don’t study for the truth, we feel into the truth. It’s about making sense of our life’s experiences through our emotional response to it. When we reach this level of consciousness, we receive stronger downloads from the divine because are not wasting our energy and focus on 3 and 4D polarity-based causes. 

3D is all about the plan. 4D is all about the process and how we can express ourself as an individual. 5D is the bigger picture. It’s not a destination, it’s a level of awareness. It’s about our purpose and mission and it’s linked to our expertise, but most importantly, it’s about the way in which we uniquely express what we know and have experienced. There is no competition for who you are in 5D living. The challenge in 5D is to trust in your unique blueprint and its power to help birth us into the new age. The ability to live in 5D is indistinguishable from the need to know yourself. Who am I, why am I here and who am I here to serve? become the guiding forces that take up our focus. 

When we achieve glimpses of what 5D feels like we want more. But staying in 5D all the time is challenging. It’s like swimming against the tide. When we understand what it is, we experience such a deep sense of ‘rightness’ that we wonder why we didn’t start living in 5th dimensional bliss years ago. The more of us who get there and remain there for increasing lengths of time, the easier it will become for everyone to follow. Because of this, there is a temptation to make the ‘lower’ dimensions wrong. Understandable, but flawed thinking when we consider that one dimension builds upon another – we can’t reach 5D without having been through the 4 dimensions that precede it.  

Humanity is evolving; birthing into higher levels of consciousness one awakening at a time. The birthing process is messy, painful, unpredictable and not always easy, but it is always worthwhile. 

If you feel like you are stuck in the birth canal, reach out. Don’t struggle alone feeling like you are going crazy; there are many more of us just like you and we’re in this together.

You’ve got this x

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  1. Mary

    Beautifully written and describes each level so simply.
    Loving this new 5D paradigm I get to explore with you by my side guiding me with you wise wisdom.
    Thank you Wendy ✨😘


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