I’m really interested to know which aspect of our work stuck with you; how it has shaped your personal and/or professional life and the way you think and/or feel as a result.  

Please answer any of the following questions that speak to you.  

Thank you so much. Your feedback helps me to shape my programmes, craft my messages and serve my clients at a deeper level.

If you'd prefer to answer these questions via a recorded call do let me know and we'll set up some time together.

What were the highlights of our time together? 

Which aspects of our time together remain with you to this day?

Can you provide any examples of where you have used what you learnt during our time together? 

If you had to summarise our time together in one sentence, what would you say? 

What kind of person would you recommend my work to?

What type of challenges would they be facing?

Someone is on the fence about whether to invest in working with me. What would you say to them? 

Please provide a testimonial that explains to another woman the benefits of working with me: