I can’t quite believe it now, but I reached the age of 38 before the magic of oracle cards entered my life!

I was definitely a late bloomer on this front. The only type of cards I had been aware of previously are tarot cards, but there was something about their illustrations that spooked me. Their suit structure seemed complicated and inaccessible. I didn’t know what to do with them and I thought they were ugly, a bit sinister and somehow cliché. It’s only recently that I have begun to warm to tarot in a big way and I’m enjoying what I’m learning about how to use them. I am starting to understand tarot deck structure and how to read the metaphors and archetypes they offer.

I had no such problem with other types of oracle deck. From the first moment someone offered me a fanned-out deck at the end of their outstretched arm and invited me to take my pick, I was hooked. I was mesmerised by the illustrations; some of them are jaw-droppingly beautiful. Those that have words associated with them (and most do) feel like they have been written just for me. Every time I receive a card it feels like the most insightful and supportive gift I could wish for. For the longest time, it didn’t occur to me that I might own a deck for my own use. I was so in awe of the reader, and I thought that interpreting the oracle cards was a very specialist skill, only to be used by highly experienced and intuitive readers. I didn’t know that I could pull a card for myself from the comfort of my own home!

One day somebody told me that you should be gifted your very first deck and this quaint little tradition seemed to open the floodgates for me. I realised that I had indeed already been gifted a deck. Ironically it was the classic Rider Waite Tarot that had sat for years on my shelf untouched because it had initially left me cold. But it felt as though I was ‘good to go’ in seeking out some decks for myself. I didn’t know where to start in my desire to build my oracle card deck library. I’d seen so many decks used to such powerful effect by other people, and I loved them all. Oh, the pressure to ‘get it right’. A great place to start of course is online. Simply google ‘oracle decks’ and the card deck world becomes your oyster. You will be treated to an array of decks for sale and the variety will not disappoint.

In the early days, I invested in several decks created by the prolific deck author, Doreen Virtue and offered to the marketplace by the self-help publishing giant, Hay House. Their decks are beautifully illustrated and widely available. They are mass-produced however and as the years passed, I felt brave enough to explore the more boutique end of the market. There are plenty of decks channeled by incredibly talented intuitives who can only afford smaller print runs. But for those sensitive to that kind of thing, you can feel the energy of the deck all the more as a result. It’s a little like the difference between holding a published book versus the journal of its author. There is something uniquely authentic about a hand-crafted oracle deck box or a beautiful hand-sewn drawstring deck bag made of luxurious recycled fabric. 

Don’t worry about not finding something to suit your taste. If archangels and fairies are not your thing, there are less mystical options such as animal and plant-themed decks or oracles dedicated to the pursuit of wealth and abundance. Chose intuitively and have fun with your oracle deck shopping adventures – it’s very hard to get it wrong. When faced with the hundreds of choices that will meet your online exploration, go in for a more in-depth look at the box that beacons to you. Something about your new deck will capture your attention, be it the colours, the wording, the illustrations or the energy of the deck. It may sound kooky, but when you try it, you will see what I mean. Decks tend to contain 30-80 oracle cards, many are 44 card decks. They are slightly different shapes and sizes and if you get the chance to try them before you buy, you will notice how some decks just feel right in your hand. You may adore the way they shuffle or love the finish on the surface of the card. It might be the golden gilded edge to the cards that capture you or the way the box opens and closes with a satisfying magnetic click. Suffice to say, you will know your next deck when you see it.

And yes, you can read cards for yourself! At the start of my journey of profound personal change, I had very little money to spend, so investments in coaching were not always possible. While I was gathering my resources towards my next coaching experience, oracle decks were a powerful and cost-effective companion. They helped me to surrender to what wasn’t working, stay focused on my desires, trust the change process and hone my intuitive abilities.

Before long I was reading cards for delighted friends until I built up enough confidence to use them for my clients. A one-card reading for self or others is as simple as this: you shuffle the deck with your issue in mind. Sometimes a card will jump out of the deck for you and other times you will need to choose one from the pack. The idea is that you already know which card you need the insight from and your intuition will guide you to it. I like to think of oracle cards as vehicles to connect you more deeply with your inner wisdom. They bring you closer to yourself and provide insights into whatever you are pondering like a wise and trusted friend.

If you are an oracle deck newbie, come and say Hi – who knows it might be my very own deck ‘The Wisdom of Change’ that you connect with first. When I took my first tentative steps towards deck ownership, never in a million years did I think I would channel one myself… who knows what your journey with oracle decks has in store for you. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a wonderful adventure.

You’ve got this x


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  1. Dr Liz Jenkins

    Very helpful explanation for someone that has never experienced an oracle card deck. Going to order my very first deck today!!

  2. Wendy Prior

    Thanks for your feedback Liz – I’m so glad you found it helpful – How are you getting on with your deck? x


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