It’s May and Britain is in bloom. It’s one of the ways that nature expresses herself. Her effortless beauty takes my breath away. It has me pondering what within us seeks its natural expression. For years I struggled to find my voice and to trust that my creative ideas were not just flights of fancy or an expensive hobby. While those fears endured, I failed to connect to the unique way in which I am here to be of service. I stopped myself from being visible to those who are seeking the insights and approaches I have curated on my own life path; the journey that has facilitated my own healing and the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my soul client.

My stifled expression kept me spinning my wheels and second-guessing my career for years. I was waiting for permission to be myself in business; a sign that it was ok to be me. I was looking outside myself for the perfect marketing and delivery model. I was lost while I believed that the answers lay with someone else, stuck in the comparison trap, measuring myself against other people’s success and secretly knowing that what they had, I didn’t really want anyway.

I invested thousands in tried and tested business approaches, book writing methodologies and marketing mentorship. But what worked for others stubbornly refused to deliver the same results for me. I only learnt what didn’t work for me and that was trying to do it someone else’s way.

It can be challenging to find our voice and to trust in the vehicles of our expression. I found out that I wasn’t alone. Through the work of Julia Cameron, I learnt that I was a blocked creative. To speak our truth, we have to find a way to be open and vulnerable. We need to be comfortable that some people won’t like what we have to share and what we are here to do. But the truth be told, most people are too busy with their own lives to take much notice of yours, so why not go ahead and succeed anyway.

Leaders break rules; they shift paradigms and change people’s perspectives. The best of these leaders act with love and the intention that their actions serve the highest good of the planet. They don’t need to follow anyone anymore. They go within and think for themselves. They write and create fearlessly and unapologetically from the heart and in alignment with their own personal truth.

So, what within you seeks expression? What new perspective are you here to birth into the world? You have a voice, inner guidance and spiritual curriculum that is uniquely yours to share. Whether it’s a book, a course, a work of art or a business idea, you are here to express it. Every time we fail to speak our truth, we lower our vibration and our results.

I lovingly challenge you to express yourself in all your glorious individuality and see where it leads.

You’ve got this.

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  1. Rekha

    I love this Wendy! Feels like it’s the kind of conversations we were having in our wisdom led group. Inspiration happens both ways 🙂 xx


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