Raising your consciousness is not for the faint hearted in my experience. 

There are times when the feeling of expansion and waves of unconditional love for myself and the whole of mankind makes me want to fall to my knees and weep with gratitude and joy. These are the experiences that reassure me that I’m on the right track; that I’m really onto something. But I don’t reside there

Sometimes I’m so in flow that everything feels effortless and on purpose and my heart feels like it will burst with happiness that I am serving my perfect client and helping to change all of our lives forever for the better. Other days I can barely get out of bed, wonder what on earth I am doing and if I have finally lost my mind completely. I feel exposed and vulnerable; raw and uncertain. Alone.

Writing this and finding out recently that so many people are searching for the answer to this question on google, reminds me that I am not alone (and neither are you).

Profound personal change happens incrementally over time. As we raise our levels of self- awareness, read more widely and dig ever deeper, we grow. We get hooked on the insights that raising our consciousness delivers and we are hungry to know more. Our world expands. We reach new summits in our understanding of how we might manifest our hearts desires and we like it! With elation we realise that the world is not the way we once thought it was. We use our newfound knowledge to achieve more than we ever thought possible. It feels incredible, life affirming and empowering. We feel liberated and free.

Then we spook ourselves. Where once we had the comfort blanket of not knowing, we now need to reconcile within ourselves what we can no longer not see. When we are able to perceive the world through a different lens, not everyone has the same vantage point. Suddenly we no longer fit in. We see too much, or maybe it’s that we see it from another perspective or two.

We might be out with our very best friends and yet feel oddly separate. No one is talking about what we are trying to fathom. We wonder what in fact that are thinking about. Suddenly their conversation seems mindless and shallow. We don’t love ourselves for having these thoughts. Not even your closest mate has any idea what’s going on in your head and you wouldn’t know how to explain it even if they asked.

Half your family think you’ve lost the plot or have joined a cult. Their questions about your wellbeing and the choices you are making that differ from ‘the tribe’ make you ill at ease in ways that are difficult to pinpoint. Their queries feel like a demand for justification of your behaviours and all you want to do is run fast in the other direction. Suddenly home is not the emotional safe place that perhaps it once was. In fact, the only place that does feel safe is the still space of calm resolve deep within you; the one that you are currently in conversation with…the feeling that perhaps you can’t fully articulate for yourself yet (but you will).

Much to your dismay you end up in combat with those you love and care about most. Your feelings of isolation and being misunderstood heighten. You want to be seen and heard but no one seems willing to look or equipped to listen. You care deeply but you are accused of being aloof. You crave intelligent conversation and expansive connections, but your emerging thoughts are labelled insane or worse still; ill considered. The dating scene, if you happen to find yourself there, looks like a consciousness waste land.

All that as it may be, I’m here to invite you to grasp this deeply: you are never alone.

You are further from alone than you can possibly fathom. You are unity consciousness. You are the oneness; the satellite of the divine sent out to reflect back on itself what it truly is. Just as one might know themselves better by looking in the mirror, we are reflecting back to ‘the whole’ what it could not know about itself without us.

Humanity is awakening and it’s a bittersweet experience. You are here (with so many others like us) to usher humanity into the new Aquarian age. You and I are midwifing raised consciousness alongside an incredible team that spans the globe. We may be apart from each other geographically, but we are not alone. I invite you to find your tribe in the same way as you were drawn to read this post. It’s magic; but you already know this.

It can be challenging to maintain our deep knowing that everything is, always has been and always will be ok. So many people around us just don’t ‘get it’ and that’s why you feel alone sometimes. Our invitation is to seek ways to keep our frequency high in a world where so many people are still resonating at the vibration of fear. You can do this. Its what’s your soul signed up to do this time round in ‘earth school’ and you are safe in your mission.

It might not feel like it sometimes, but trust me, you are never alone.

You’ve got this x


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