Nothing made any sense until I became an unequivocal yes to myself.  Not as easy as it sounds. It requires considerable self-worth and a decent dose of forgiveness of self and others. It demands a level of trust that I had never experienced and an ego-crushing dose of surrender.  Add to this an inability to predict the outcomes of my efforts and my inner control freak was screaming no to my unequivocal yes!  Resigning from my self-appointed role as General Manager of the universe in pursuit of myself was a tough call at first glance. 

It’s little wonder that I hadn’t been able to commit to my yes before.  The self-imposed barriers preventing me from doing so were high. I couldn’t foresee the freedom, depth of insight and excitement that goes with unfailingly backing my own horse. I was unaware that trusting myself deeply and letting go of my attachment to outcome regularly would deliver life-changing benefits and deep reassurances.

Being an unequivocal yes to myself was not what I feared it might be. It’s not a reckless agreement to engage with every whim or an unending pursuit of the next shiny new thing. It isn’t about seeing something and demanding to own it or having unrealistic expectations about what I might receive. Neither is it all about me in a petulant, needy manner. It’s not about goals and ticking off items on a vision board or to-do list, although often I find that I can!

Being a resounding yes to yourself is a switch that you flip deep inside of yourself.  When you do, you don’t suddenly have all the answers and the universe doesn’t arrive with all the things you think you need in that moment.  It’s a more profound experience than that. Your yes is grounded in a long-forgotten trust in yourself; a recommitment to your souls’ decision to experience life during this extraordinary point in humanity.  Your yes to yourself is accompanied by unconditional forgiveness of past mistakes and permission to give yourself as many chances as you need because you are no longer in a race.  Being a yes is about saying I no longer sell out on myself, my dreams and desires.  It’s a recognition that you know in your soul what is right for you. It’s a commitment to the people and causes that you care about and who appreciate you for who you really are. 

Being a yes to yourself is an active intention to hear and listen to the calm voice of wisdom within when it speaks and signposts the way. You no longer override your knowing because someone or something else insists on another way being better for you. You no longer need to stuff down and ignore the uncomfortable emotions that arise when you abandon yourself. I chose me and it changed my world. It let me become more of who I really am.  

I wonder what gifting yourself an unequivocal yes would do for you. 

You’ve got this.


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