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Here you will find a carefully curated selection of resources, teachings and activities to support you in becoming more of who you really are.

Group Zoom Recordings

In this section of the member’s area, you will find all the group Zoom call recordings in case you couldn’t make it live, or if you want to listen again. The group Zoom calls are designed for you to ask questions, be inspired by other members of the group, problem-solve, share your progress, and ask for feedback from fellow deck creators.

Inspirational Teachings

From initial concept to holding your deck in your hands, this series of teachings take a deep dive into who your deck is for, why you have been called to create one, your deck’s story, its higher purpose, what it means to channel, how to work with your creative energy, how to move through blocks and setbacks, the structure of your deck, how to choose illustrations, formatting and packaging, printing options, budgets, publishing considerations, taking your deck to market and so much more. The teachings will be released approximately every fortnight throughout our time together.

Guest interviews

A series of interviews with a carefully curated selection of talented people who can help you on your way to holding your deck in your hands. From artists to proofreaders, fellow deck creators to printers, these featured guests are a goldmine of insight and information.

Member Resources

A carefully curated selection of resources to support your deck creation journey. From handouts summarising the key stages of deck creation to vibrational essences that unlock creativity and bolster your trust in your creative process, we’ve got you covered.