‘Wealth Creation from the Heart’ essence


Cuckoo Flower reminds us to answer money and manifestation questions from the heart. Leaders of the new earth do things differently. We refer to our soul calling when we create products that serve our soul clients. Our wealth consciousness expands because of this alignment. Ideas encoded with the blueprint of heart-based wealth arrive with us out of nowhere. They speak with clarity, land as complete downloads, or have us follow an exquisite path of personal discovery and expansion to piece them together. Wealth creation from the heart requires us to trust the process of self-healing and personal fulfillment before we are invited to reach back and help others along the way. The products we create from the heart carry a signature of excitement that ignites our passion and purpose. Encoded in the offerings we create is the power of exponential growth and the ability to unlock unforeseen levels of potential in ourselves and others.

Messages from Cuckoo Flower:

  • Trust your creations – they are the balm for a sick soul and contain the medicine you and your soul clients seek.
  • Trust your creative process – it is encoded with the wisdom of personal and global wealth.
  • Create from the heart – it knows the way long before the destination is visible.
  • Trust that wealth is yours in this lifetime– there is no need to consider otherwise.
  • Your uniqueness is your pathway to wealth – an unfolding journey of joy and abundance, free from anxiety and competition.
  • Trust the process that invites you to explore more of who you really are – it holds the key to adventure, satisfaction, and personal sovereignty.
  • Heart-based wealth creation is joyful – it establishes energetic foundations that cannot be shaken.
  • Create your heart-based products with commitment and courage – their wisdom finds your market, magnetizes your soul clients, and expands your horizons.


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