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Wendy Prior: The Wisdom Of Change

Card Readings

Limited Introductory Offer

Change is always a good thing, even when it feels messy, upsetting or out of control.

Whether you long for change or find it dropped on you unexpectedly, a Wisdom Of Change reading will support you to tune into your inner knowing and make sense of your next steps.

Drawing on a decade of experience as an intuitive Personal Change Specialist, Wendy has created her own beautifully illustrated deck of 44 Wisdom Of Change cards, which provides the basis of her private readings.

During your time with Wendy, you will be supported to access your inner guidance via your choice of cards. Wendy draws upon her deep knowledge of the messages contained in each one, to intuitively guide you to interpret their words and illustrations.

The reading will reveal to you the wisdom that has been hidden just out of your view until now. Uncovering the messages represented by your card choices will enable you to gain clarity and take aligned action towards your intentions and desires.

The cards are deeply feminine, powerfully supportive and insightful, offering you a fun session of discovery to support your journey of personal change.

Wendy will email you your card choices and the call recording at the end of your reading.

Readings are generally an hour in duration, but allow a little extra time in case we overrun slightly.

Yes please!

I’d love a reading at this introductory price of £50 for the first 10 people who sign up.

I had already experienced the wow of Wendy’s coaching, so signing up for a card reading using her newly completed deck was a no-brainer for me. I very quickly got clarity on some key issues that were pressing for me and required my focus. What was incredible was that the four cards I picked interlocked and led me to experience a new level of clarity and insight right there in that moment. Wendy’s skilful, intuitive coaching helped pull it all together. The reading was fast track coaching that got right to the heart of the matter and enabled me to make a substantial breakthrough in a very short space of time. Highly recommended!

Jude Jennison

Leadership Expert and Author