Create Your Own Oracle Deck

Join me on a magical journey to meet the oracle deck that seeks expression through YOU.

In just six months you could have your own deck created and birthed through you as a unique expression of your soul work.

Oracle decks provide insight and unlock new perspectives when you can’t get there using intellect alone. Imagine using YOUR own deck to support your soul clients.

Consider this your divine nudge from the universe. Your desires have been heard and it is time…

The world is waiting for your wisdom and creating an oracle deck offers a succinct, visually pleasing, and inspirational way to share the crystallized nuggets of your life work and personal transformations.

An oracle deck of your own will connect you closer to the people you are here to serve and open new avenues that you never knew were possible.

Not for one moment did I imagine that I would be leading a group of talented women through the process of creating their own deck when I created mine!

Imagine what doors having your own oracle deck could open for YOU.

Having an oracle deck has brought me hundreds of deck sales, writing invitations, podcast appearances, Mastermind requests, and has introduced me to private clients I would not otherwise have reached.

I now have a deck affiliate scheme so that I can thank those who help me to share the deck by using it with their own tribe. I never imagined that my deck would be used by talented coaches and healers to showcase their wisdom. It has been a magical unfolding. I am proud of the ripple effect my deck has had.

Create your own oracle deck interactive experience

This six-month immersion journey will gift you everything you need to move your deck from conception to reality.

It includes:

  • key insights and intuitive teachings to move you closer to holding your deck in your hands,
  • fortnightly group zooms
  • recorded interviews with industry professionals
  • a private member’s area where all materials will be hosted for ease of reference
  • a private Facebook group
  • a dedicated WhatsApp group

Everything is designed and created to get you clear, stay inspired, open to the unfolding magic of your deck and remain gently on purpose as you create this beautiful legacy.

  • Your founder member investment provides you with
  • the opportunity to shape this journey as we go
    lifetime access to these materials
  • the chance to inspire future cohorts of this programme with your newly created deck and its story.

Maybe you can begin to see the potential ripple effect that your deck already has!

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Birthing an oracle deck is a creative and intuitive process, but this container also provides all the practical things you need such as:

  • deciding who your deck is for
  • nailing the characteristics of your soul clients
  • choosing an illustrator (or similar)
  • exploring the internal structure of your deck
  • preparing the deck for print
  • consider budget appropriate printing options
  • publishing options
  • funding your project
  • bringing the deck to market
  • creating a deck affiliate programme
  • and so much more…

You are not alone…


And you are in safe hands. Your guide on this journey is Wendy Prior. Described as warm, professional, and spiritual, Wendy is a coach, writer, and creator with 15 years of experience guiding women through transformational personal and professional change journeys. You will be masterminding with the author of The Wisdom of Change oracle deck, published in 2019 with a first print run of 1,500 and now in hundreds of forever homes around the world.

Your fellow travellers on this journey are a group of highly intuitive, and knowledgeable women in their respective fields, all desiring to broaden their reach and unleash the power of their wisdom, creativity, and experience for those who need it most.

I’d love you to join us!

Having been through the process of creating my own, I know how transformational the deck was for my business and for me personally.

Not only was it a joyful and unexpected unfolding, but it got me super clear about my soul clients and helped me to crystallise the wisdom I had gathered to date and longed to share with a wider audience.

There is no doubt that creating an oracle deck broadens your reach, expands your business and helps you get your soul work into the world. Here are just a few places The Wisdom of Change oracle deck have landed around the globe. My deck is supporting individuals to navigate their life path and the cards are showcasing the work of established coaches, mentors and healers with their own clients.

What will YOURS do?

  • Jo Tocher includes a Wisdom card in her delightful monthly wellbeing boxes
  • Aromatherapist, Suzie shares her Wisdom of Change deck with her IG following
  • Joan Morton shares her wisdom of horses with the help of the deck
  • ‘Mary In The Med’ shares her IQM wisdom with the help of the deck from Ibiza

Where will YOUR deck travel and who will it help? I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

Your deck story will be as unique as you, your life experience, and your body of work. Spirit has asked me to step forward to create the perfect environment for your deck to arrive on the global stage and I am READY.

I can’t wait to witness the arrival of YOUR deck, who and how it is here to help. We are gathering to create oracle decks for the Aquarian age. It is time to place your legacy into this new era.

The world needs your wisdom…are you ready to share it?

Yes Wendy, I am ready to go on this journey!

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See you on the other side 🙂

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