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The Wise Girlfriend

Success Circle

Dear successful woman

If you are anything like me, living in Dubai is one of the greatest life gifts you’ve experienced to date!

Beautiful weather, fantastic schools, amazing places to eat and explore . . . five-star luxury all around us; the list of benefits to the expat lifestyle is long.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have stopped working for a while and to experience being there for your family in ways you’ve only previously dreamed of?

In many respects, life has never been so good, so easy.  Most of the time you feel truly blessed.

And yet sometimes it feels as though there is something missing . . . It can be difficult to find friendships that run deeper than the snatched conversations on the school run, fitness class, coffee morning or brunch scene.

You miss those deep connections that give meaning, texture and purpose to life; a sounding board to bounce ideas around with other successful, resourceful women without feeling judged or vulnerable.

At times you miss your career – the place where you feel focused and of value, successful and purposeful.

But you don’t miss the downside of the stress and frustration and the unsettling feeling of not being where you are needed most at this stage in your life.

The bottom line is, you don’t want to sell out on yourself or your loved ones, but you have a nagging feeling that you are wasting an opportunity to do something purposeful and deeply fulfilling for you.

You have so many ideas you’d like to land, projects you’d love to complete and goals you’d like to pursue, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder where to start.

Sometimes you wonder if chasing those dreams is even worthwhile – what if you fail?

What if it means you can’t be there for you and your family in the way you want to be?

How do you take a step forward without having to take a step back?

Come and spend some time with your Wise Girlfriend!

When women come together in a non-competitive environment to support each other, something truly magical happens.

When we create space in our lives and commit to being around like-minded women who support our goals, we are reminded that we are not alone and more importantly, that we are deeply resourceful and beautifully powerful.

Women who are in touch with their inner wisdom achieve their desires in a very different way to men.  It really is magical!

Western culture has taught us how to use our logic, reason, mental intelligence and goal setting skills to reach our aims in life.  By chasing goals this way, we invariably get what we set out for, but the downside is that we find ourselves exhausted, controlling, frustrated and struggling with work-life balance.

Let’s be honest, you’ve been there and you didn’t like it much!

What if there was a different way?

What if you could achieve your desires with grace and ease?

How would it feel to be in touch with a sense that everything you want comes effortlessly to you without all the pushing, hustling and compromise?

I’d like to invite you to join our Wise Girlfriend Success Circle.  Our circle is small and intimate, with a maximum membership of only eight women.  We meet fortnightly in my Arabian Ranches villa for two hours after the morning school run.  We remain supported and connected between meetings via a secret Facebook page and a WhatsApp group.

It’s a space in your week designed to share knowledge and connections with like-minded women and to access your inner wisdom.  As your host, I create the environment in which you can find the insights that enable you to achieve your desires without compromising your soul.

Somewhere in the journey towards feminism and equal rights, we swapped being priceless for being important. Your importance is never in doubt, but if you’ve found yourself feeling conflicted, overwhelmed or frustrated, you have forgotten how priceless you are.

Come and join us and discover how you can ‘have it all’; an exciting, purposeful life that is deeply aligned to your passions and values whilst maintaining the elements of your lifestyle that you don’t want to lose.

Your investment


400 AED per month which includes two fortnightly in-person group meetings per month and access to the secret Facebook page and WhatsApp group.  Group meeting dates are published well in advance and scheduled to avoid the school holidays.

Your first meeting is complimentary so you can get a sense of the meeting and connect with your fellow Success Circle members.

Once you know the circle is the perfect fit to help you achieve your goals and desires, we ask that you commit to three months membership at a time, paid in advance (1200 AED), so that we can maintain the continuity and commitment of the group.

Missed in-person meetings will not be refunded, but you can catch up with what happened via the Facebook page. You can post your update from a distance using Facebook live and receive the support of your fellow group members as if you were actually there!

I’m Interested

Great, we’d love to have you!  Please click here to drop me a message on WhatsApp, and we’ll get your first complimentary success circle meeting in the diary 🙂

I can’t wait to see you there.

I’m In!

Yes please, I’d love to join you. I’ll pay 230GBP (c. 1200AED) for 3 months membership now!

To your wisdom and success,

Wendy x

Wendy Prior is a Coach, Writer, Creative and Personal Change Specialist.

Following a decade of exploring her skills as a coach, she founded The Wise Girlfriend in 2017 as a vehicle to share success strategies with women seeking change for the better. In 2020 Wendy published The Wisdom of Change oracle deck which captures the key elements of change wisdom that led her to transform the trajectory of her own life and support countless clients to do the same. She is currently writing her first book; a guide for women seeking to create or having to navigate profound personal change.

Wendy has spent the past decade excavating and dusting off her Wise Girlfriend success strategies! During this time, she found herself in deep conversation with her inner knowing in order to lose 63 pounds of unwanted body fat, heal and grow from the end of a long-term relationship, chart the choppy waters of single motherhood, triumph in the face of financial difficulty, embark on the intense learning journey of entrepreneurship, survive the online dating scene, marry her soul mate, publish her first creative project, begin writing her first book and relocate to Dubai with her husband and children.

You can get to know her (and yourself) better by subscribing to her email series ‘28 Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom’ where she shares the insights and approaches that continue to work for her and support her growing community of fellow wise girlfriends.