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Testimonials for Wendy Prior

I’ve had the privilege of working with some wonderful clients. Here’s what some of them have to say about working with me.

One-to-One Testimonials

The Catalyst for change came for me when I saw a picture of myself and barely recognized the person I saw. In 10 years, I had gone from elite athlete to a stressed, out of shape workaholic! Since the first session with Wendy I have viewed the world and myself in a completely different way.

During my sessions I have laughed, experienced revelations and sometimes been moved to the verge of tears.  Wendy manages to get just the right information out of me and I have often wondered how she does it! Every step has been tailored to my specific needs and I wouldn’t miss a step for the world!

I had stopped learning. Working with Wendy has ‘shaken me loose’ at exactly the right time.  I’m now learning again and moving forward towards my goals with more focus and drive than I have ever had.  I have also lost 3 stone in 4months!  If you are reading this I’m assuming you’re feeling the need for a change.  All I can say is ‘jump in whole-heartedly’!  Investing in yourself is the best decision you can make. Wendy is a guide I cannot recommend strongly enough, challenge yourself today you’ll be amazed where you end up!

Adam Savage

Lake District

Working with Wendy is so rewarding.  She gently guides you to find clarity and understanding, is insightful, supportive and also great fun!  With a few simple questions, she helps you look at things differently and get past the blocks.  Wonderful!

Saira Salmon

Thank you, Wendy, for everything!  I had such an amazing time with you and continued by having a wonderful Sunday. Thank you, thank you.  There are not enough words; I am so much happier already.




I hit a brick wall of anger and emotion in Sept 2014. After three weeks of being in that black hole I spoke to the most amazing person. ‪Wendy Prior. I felt a shift in my mind during our initial phone call to see if we were right fit for each other. The rest of the 12 sessions and three trips to stay at her home were the hardest and most treasured memories I now have.  When I start to feel things slipping I ask myself, ‘What would Wendy say?’ and then I start to feel strong and move forward. I honestly can’t recommend her enough.  I didn’t want to unload on friends. Wendy was a life changer for me.

Kimberly Turner

Hampstead, London

Wendy, I love you so much!  You are just so eloquent, generous and insightful. I love your advice and inspiration.  Thank you for taking the time to feed back to me in so much detail.

Claire Portis

Thank you so much for a wonderful day yesterday. I’m sure my periods of quiet and reflection during our time together (not often seen in me when I’m with others) illustrated what impact the experience had on me. I drove home last night in a very different mode to the one I drove up in.  I also slept better last night than I have in a while.

Mark Pinches

Without fail I have come away from our sessions with new insights and created coping strategies to help me adapt to situations that I have previously found very challenging.  Not only have the sessions helped me to gain and implement practical solutions, but also uncover and challenge limiting beliefs that have held me back as a person.  I would have never achieved this without Wendy, she is truly skilled as a coach.  She has built a superb rapport with me from the very first session.  I have felt comfortable, at ease and have felt supported throughout the coaching experience.  She has a natural and innate ability to listen and focus fully on me, both on what I say and on what is intuitive to understand what I don’t say.  Wendy constantly asked relevant and thought-provoking questions.  She also allows me time to process my own thoughts and never pushes me to respond before I am ready.  Wendy has been like a fairy godmother, helping me to learn to use my magic wand and understand the power I have to make my dreams come true.



It was such a wonderful day and I feel so good; it really lifted me out of where I was, thank you so much.  Our time together was a different and wonderful ‘easy’ experience.  So many of your words come back to me daily so thank you. I’ve felt lovely and calm, instead of overwhelmed ever since.  I have great clarity and far more awareness of what is ‘head chatter’ and what are relevant, worthwhile thoughts. Such a great experience, really looking forward to our further months.

Jo Constantinou

There is something about Wendy that is difficult to pin point. She has a radiant and easy presence. Wendy can dance between the worlds, integrating a very practical business head with an intuition and sensitivity that is combined with a depth of experience. For those open to exploration, she is definitely he woman I recommend to guide your journey

Helen Sanderson


My time with Wendy was a very special experience and I felt gifted to have spent 24 hours in her nurturing presence. Through her very special brand of coaching and intuition I was able to see a truly bright and exciting future, to let go of some of my limiting beliefs and really open myself up to thinking differently. A sense of clarity and being more grounded were two other huge things I took from the experience. Oh, and did I mention the venue itself – wow just stunning in the most idyllic location, you can almost feel your concerns lightening as you pull up the driveway. Thank you Wendy I am singing your praises far and wide.


Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, London

Wendy is deeply intuitive, knowing when to push, when to hold back and allow things to unfold. She holds a powerful space for you to find your own way. With every interaction with Wendy, I come away empowered, enabled and supported as I take the next bold leap. Her ability to see people’s potential and her unwavering belief in their possibilities is beyond words. If you want to raise your game, Wendy is definitely the go to person.



After consultation with Wendy it was decided that as my business and personal life were so closely interwoven, the coaching sessions would take a holistic approach.  My situation was extreme, both in business and personally. The coaching sessions had a profound and positive effect, allowing me to take control of my life again and able to ‘see the wood from the trees’.  An added bonus has been that I feel I now have some of the practical skills to coach myself, enabling me to break down complex situations into manageable situations and tasks.  Although my situation remains complex, I now feel much better able to cope whatever the outcome.



I had a great day with Wendy Prior re-connecting with my life purpose and planning my business. I say planning but it didn’t feel like planning. It just felt harmonious, wonderful and empowering. If you’ve not yet had the Wendy experience, what are you waiting for?

Jude Jennison

I have just spent the most amazing 24 hours in the company of Wendy Prior.  All I can say is “Wow” A very special lady with a gift for transformational coaching – this is coaching on a whole different level taking place in her stunning hand selected locations … thank you Wendy for everything.


Hampstead Heath

My time with Wendy has enabled me to focus on prioritizing my goals and given me a strong sense of ‘can do’.  It has helped me place matters into perspective and has given me a greater confidence in myself so that I am able to assert my needs.  I now have a strategy to overcome emotional issues and it has relieved a sense of frustration and helplessness.  Her coaching has reminded me that I can achieve anything I want to and not to allow myself to be a victim of factors I am unable to control.  It has really helped with ‘mind talk’ putting it into focus what is reality and what is my interpretation.  It has given me the opportunity to better understand who I am as a person – recognize my strengths and weaknesses and to accept them and play to my strengths so that I am nor feeling the need to apologize for being me!’



Thanks so much for your time Wendy, you are totally fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed your insight and opinions.

Michelle Mills-Porter

I have found my sessions with Wendy to be more helpful than I could have imagined.



I found the coaching sessions extremely useful.  It gave me the opportunity to articulate my thoughts with gentle prompting by me coach.  Immediately after the coaching session I moved office to one that was more suited to my needs. I also pursued further contracts with other national and international consultancy companies as a direct result of the work done with Wendy.  I found the sessions gave me the confidence to make decisions I was putting off and to explore exciting new opportunities for my business.



I spend an evening with Wendy and she is a very deep and insightful lady, offering something very unique to people in a very supportive way.



The sessions gave me the confidence to make decisions I was putting off and to explore exciting new opportunities for my business.



Since having four sessions with Wendy I have made subtle changes to my day-to-day routine including prioritizing my work/home life balance.  Analysing areas in my life in greater detail has made me more aware of where I need to make the most significant changes and I am more focused on my ultimate goals.  I was a little sceptical as to how sessions by telephone would work, however, I have found it to be extremely beneficial and is a time efficient way of getting incredible effective one to one support.



Without fail I have come away from our sessions with new insights and coping strategies to help me adapt to situations that I have previously found very challenging.



Wendy has helped to set goals in my job.  Since starting my session with her, I got a promotion and I am now exceeding my targets every week.


I have found the coaching sessions with Wendy more helpful than I could have imagined.  She is helping me to work out my own priorities and to arrange my time more efficiently to enable me to make better progress towards my goals.  She is helping me to work out which issues I am able to control and then to consider what I can to do to make things better.  At no time does she tell me what I ought to be doing, but instead by asking me questions she enables me to come up with my own answers. I would strongly recommend her to other students who are very keen to complete their course but, like me, find that they get bogged down with daily life’.


During my time with Wendy I had a massive wake-up call about the things I want in my life, where I want my life to be and who I want to be.



Wowee! What a session. I am going to have a lie down I think to allow the magnitude of everything that has come to light to sink in.



My sessions with Wendy have helped my everyday life and my studies. Through the coaching I have set goals for my course which have helped me to increase my rate of study.  When I first started working with Wendy, I didn’t have a set finish time for my course and due to the nature of my job, I found it difficult to set aside study time on a weekly based. I was just treading water both in my studies and in parts of my everyday life. It has been so useful to throw ideas around and discuss issues with Wendy.  It has also helped me to set goals in my job.  Since starting my sessions I have achieved a promotion and I am now exceeding my targets every week.


My situation was extreme, both in business and personally.  My time with Wendy had a profound and positive effect, allowing me to take control of my life again and able to see the wood from the trees.



I am very much still beaming! I got up and had a really positive day, my boss seemed happier and everyone around me seemed to have a better attitude.  I just cannot thank you enough.



I have had five one hour sessions over the phone with Wendy and each time I found them extremely useful in helping me move forward with some of my personal and professional goals.  She keeps good structure to sessions, is very focused and motivational and has given her full commitment to my progress.  Even before we had our first session I had the sense that Wendy would be a great coach and my intuition was definitely right.  I feel very fortunate to have benefited from sessions with her.



Because I allowed myself to let go and show up, and do the work, despite my reservations, my life and I are transformed. Was it easy? No, but it was beautiful. Was it worth it? Absolutely 110%. It has changed my life.



I found the coaching sessions to be very productive in achieving my goals and opening my mind up to the alternative options, which before I just couldn’t see. Therefore, it has helped me to move on and see things in a more positive light. I am very glad I carried out these sessions and shall look forward to further ones in the future



I found sessions with Wendy to be relaxing and thought provoking.  They gave me a point to look at things differently.



Wendy has a unique ability to tap into your thoughts and identify barriers and self-imposed limitations without being invasive and without judgment. You feel you can trust her implicitly and she has a quiet, subtle way of enabling you to answer your own questions. Not sure how she does it! She also inspires belief in oneself and one’s own abilities. I would have no hesitation in recommending Wendy’s services.

Jacqueline Vallance

I have found my sessions with Wendy to be insightful and liberating.  I am amazed at how much I have learnt about myself and the way I think, feel and respond to certain situations.  She has always helped keep me focused on my overall goal ‘I am already a successful life coach standing on my own two feet’.  Simply put, I have found coaching has worked magic and I do not think I would have come as far, so quickly, without Wendy.  I feel privileged to have had her support.’



Wendy worked on various things to include my values, work and relationships. I think the sessions helped me most with my work issues and it made me realize it is not necessarily the job that is the problem but my lack of confidence in myself.  Since the sessions I have made some changes in my attitude to work and have also made plans to train in new areas, so the coaching sessions have been incredibly successful.



Horse Group Work Testimonials

I had a wonderful time on the Discovery Day with Horses.  It is incredible how working with the horses is empowering and also helps you get clarity on things that you’ve been mulling over in your mind for a while.  There were a great group of women, and we were so well looked after.  The food provided was delicious and nutritious and I’d recommend it to anyone to re-connect with yourself and have a taste of the countryside and nature, especially if you’re a city dweller.

Jo Tocher

Wendy’s Discovery Day was fabulous.  I went not knowing what to expect, expecting nothing and gaining so much.  Firstly it was great being with like minded women, I really felt a bond between us all and working with the horses was just magical…I just totally fell in love with their grace, beauty and wisdom.  It was lovely to take time out and just ‘be’ – away from everyday life and having time to reflect.  Highly recommended

Emma Sousa

Emma Sousa Flowers

I really didn’t know what to expect and was surprised by some of the things that came from the day.  I loved working with the horses, a great group of women and fabulous food.



I knew which of the two horses I wanted to say hello to first. She instantly reflected back my emotions, like a perfect mirror – exactly as we were told the horses would. I saw my agitation, frustration, uncertainty, self-doubt all reflected by this beautiful black 600kg animal.  I was keen to own my feelings and name them so that she would stop mirroring them. It is quite scary seeing something that big feeling your emotions. I was coached through my feelings, and I identified the lack of self-love and the fear of “being different” that I was carrying and I cried and cried and cried. When I went back to thank her for showing me these feelings, so I could own them and have the healing of letting them go, she responded by bending her head to me, and I intuitively heard her say “You are beautiful”.

Our team exercise with the horses showed me something remarkable. Three of us led two horses around a simple obstacle course. I tried to move forward, the horse stood still. I talked to her, and explained gently what we would be doing, but she still remained firmly rooted to her spot whenever I stepped forward.  I paused, and realized I was feeling anxious. I centered myself before walking forward more confidently, and this time she followed.

This amazing journey helped me to see how I progress – or haven’t – through life. Initially confident I stop en route to go back to help others, losing my energy and steam in the process and as self-doubt kicks in. I had forgotten that leadership inspires people by showing them the way forward. I have always felt I have to take people with me.  I saw how I stop trusting and believing in myself getting caught up in ‘analysis paralysis’, unable to move without the help of others; often those I have myself stopped to help!! Two days after my return home, I watched myself do this whilst choosing the name for my new website, and laughed as I saw this pattern of having an idea then losing my confidence unfold – I hope for the last time. I can recall what the horses want me to remember when they showed me how to believe in myself and I am truly grateful to them for their lesson.



Retreat Testimonials

I just want to say heartfelt thanks for an amazing weekend.  I hope that someone out there can relate to the place I started at when I first spoke to you; I had an enormous amount going on in my life having had a life long battle with my weight and self-esteem. I was questioning my relationship and where the love had gone. Our business was going into liquidation, why had I failed again? I knew that I needed change because a lot of the unhelpful feelings and emotions had shadowed me all my life. Who am I? And where am I going? I needed to get rid of the baggage that was weighing me down.

So I embraced Wendy’s retreat with open arms, welcoming anything that was thrown at me.  OMG I was not quite expecting the findings, but more importantly, never expected the outcome to be the place I am right now just 18 hours from saying goodbye to Wendy. I am free and weightless and secure, confident that I can find my direction in the future and have a place and a reason for being here right now. There is nothing wrong with my relationship or me and I truly believe this.

Stephanie Green

Director, Leamington Spa

I did the hard work of transformation by entering into the most powerful, intensively loving, kind and supportive process that I have been in ever.  Every woman owes it to herself to experience some time with these wonderful ladies and the other amazing women you will find yourself with. It is a truly enlightening weekend and so much fun. I know where I am moving to, I have had news from one of the work opportunities that was “stuck”, have connected with an amazing new client, and my finances are already shifting before my very eyes.



OH MY GOD is all I can say.  I keep going over the mega amazing things that happened and thinking WOW!!!  You really are a miracle; putting on miracles with miraculous practitioners.  Big love and hugs and gratitude to you.

Danica Apolline

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Visionary & Intuitive Healer, Co-Founder of the Brighton Centre of Spirituality

Just wanted to drop you a thank you for the weekend and for bringing together such interesting and beautiful women.   It was a joy to receive their love and support.  I slept very well on Sunday night, though still processing the revelations from our time together.   My time with you brings me a level of certainty I cannot convey

Ruth Walker


On arrival at Ewefields I was immediately made to feel at home and the atmosphere was very relaxed. The two days included a mixture of different activities, many of which were aimed at going within to get in touch with what makes you happy and what you really want out of life. From my own experience I had spent so many years just being busy earning money and climbing the corporate ladder that I didn’t even realise I was totally out of touch with what I wanted; what would actually make me content, fulfilled…happy.

It was a small group of ladies and this small number made it very easy to open up and be yourself. What I really enjoyed was the way Wendy and her facilitators were totally on the same level as the attendees. They shared some of their own stories and struggles, which made it feel real and more possible for me to achieve the same level of contentment which they both seem to have.

The venue was fantastic with amazing views and the meals were very tasty, healthy and nutritious. Wendy and her team emit incredible energy and are so totally natural. They genuinely care about their attendees and also provide follow up support, which I found to be hugely beneficial.

I would definitely recommend making the effort to attend one of these weekends. I wish I had stumbled across this years ago.

Karen Wade

Control Your Lifestyle

Attending the retreat has been a big moment in my life. Not only has it given me the space and time to make certain changes in my beliefs and to experience huge shifts, but it has confirmed to me that I’m on the right path. From the second I arrived to the second I left I felt only warmth, trust, honesty and love. This enabled me to do some really deep and profound work and come away a more aware and focused woman. With a mega hitching trip planned to raise money for 3 charities – ‘Around The World In 80 Pence’, I had been wondering if I was doing and feeling the right things. In the 2 weeks running up to the retreat an amazing number of things came into my life, and they have carried on doing so! I’ve got goose bumps as I sit here now!

Sophie Oliver

I feel like I have come across the dynamic duo and I know that I want to be around these two beautiful, loving, supportive and intensely intuitive women for some time to come.

I have no idea how my path crossed with Wendy, but how glad I am that they did! From the moment we connected I have felt good. I have felt at peace. And within those feelings of connection I am excited. If these women exist then we are in an amazing world indeed. What they are doing and the way that they are doing it is truly phenomenal. It is absolutely what the world needs right now. It is absolutely what you need if you are a woman who is going through change and who wants to experience life to its fullest potential. If you want to truly embrace who and what you are, to live from your heart and from the highest good of what is possible to you then Wendy is the person to elicit that from you and to support you on the journey.

Emily Gordon

North London

I left the retreat with some wonderful new friends, a newfound belief in myself and a burning desire to run my own retreats!  I am amazed at how much I have learnt about myself and the way I think, feel and respond to certain situations.



I thoroughly recommend that you try a retreat – give yourself time to relax, calm down and find that inner peace and relaxation that makes you realize and work through the issues with like-minded people.  Wendy brought all her knowledge and her brilliant techniques to the table and intuitively and instinctively created the perfect environment for some very powerful change work to take place.



For anyone considering going to Wendy and Rachel’s next retreat, I want to urge you to GO. It was a brilliant 2 days with 2 intuitive and soulful ladies who will look after your every need and support you in the best possible way to accelerate you on your path to your goals and destiny. GO FOR IT, it’s made all the difference for me. Thank you both so much.

Daniella Slabbert


I have found myself wanting to write something about the amazing time I had on the retreat; you both are truly amazing. Something truly WOW happened at the retreat that I cannot put it in to words. I have had my emotions challenged since the retreat but all I say is: it is a FANTASTIC JOURNEY I AM NOW ON!!! Times can be hard, and have been since the retreat but I now know that I am not on my own and have an immense support of energy from others to help with everything. Love to you all that read this. Claire Ashworth


I particularly benefitted from spending time at the retreat as I had become very stressed at work.  I put aside two days and immediately on arrival I felt welcomed and was at ease in the company; calm and content.  I have never felt as relaxed and at peace with myself as I did during those two days; very happy.

If you are high powered and on the go, have stressful issues that you cannot let go of – or feel that it may be time to find a new challenge (maybe the dream is already on your mind), I learnt that you just have to realize it and make it happen.  Its like magic when you find that inner peace and realization.

There were many powerful, beautiful techniques used. The discussions were incredibly helpful and talking about the problems and issues allowed me to identify coping strategies that I have already put to use.

I felt my stress levels were zero and had been lifted from me.  If you feel burnt-out, undervalued and stressed, I thoroughly recommend that you try a retreat.  It gives you time to relax, calm down and find that inner peace and a level of relaxation that enables you to work through the issues with like-minded individuals.  Thank you Wendy, I very much appreciate it.

Dianne Roberts


Despite facilitating the spiritual growth of others, this was the first ever retreat I have attended. I am a single mother, and arranging childcare was a challenge. So was justifying other practical things like the money to pay for it, given my circumstances.  I don’t think I will ever be able to describe the true profundity of what I experienced. I knew it would be life-changing and transformative for me, but I had no idea quite how much.

I had a wonderful phone session with Wendy to prepare for the retreat a few days beforehand.  She asked me what was going in my life. I explained that I had many things going on for me – a court case with my son’s father, I was in transition with my financial flow, and several promises of amazing work opportunities, but was stuck somewhere with it all and the promises hadn’t yet materialized. I was in the process of finding a new home whilst developing links for a move abroad, and these felt stuck too. I had done so much work to clear limiting beliefs and feelings as part of my own commitment to evolving, using ThetaHealing, visualisation, Angelic Reiki, colour, prayer, Ho’ponopono and meditation, but still something wasn’t shifting. When Wendy asked me what I wanted to get out of the weekend, I said that I just wanted to be aligned with my Higher Self, living and connecting with it at all times.

I felt completely held whilst, over the course of two days, I cried sometimes, which I didn’t expect. It is not “my thing” to be the emotional one; I am so used to holding the space for others as a teacher and facilitator myself, that I very rarely let go. But the level of complete and total holding that Wendy and Rachael do, in loving kindness and complete presence with you and “your stuff” is so hard to resist. Even me with my well-trained levels of “I’m fine!” couldn’t keep the barricades up for long. It was Wendy’s nurturing, soothing, calm, loving, beautiful manner – and her permission for us to be truly 100% ourselves – that triggered it.

The level of peace and calm that exists at the retreats is incredible. There is lightness and brightness – like there is no room for darkness; that only the magnificence and brightness in you can exist in this space. Wendy believed this to be true of me throughout, even though there were many times when I didn’t feel it in myself. I berated myself for having done “so much work on myself” but found myself coming back to old issues that I thought I had resolved. I was shown all of them in a new light, in a way I had never seen them. It turned out that the answer to my being stuck – and to my aligning to who I really am – came in the simplest of answers, that she could see that no-one else I knew, including myself, had seen.

The food was all lovingly prepared by Wendy, who could easily give up her day job and start a catering company just on her culinary skills alone. The herbal teas, large plates of berries, fruits and natural health bars as snacks that Wendy had around all showed how much love and preparation went into the weekend. It symbolized how well we were cared for; all we needed to show up and do the work on ourselves and receive.

I have been on a journey of healing a lifetime of abuse and trauma and grief and pain.  I allowed myself to tell some of my story and be heard and held. And the most remarkable thing happened.  I could see in my mind’s eye all of the healing that I have received and undertaken on myself over the years floating around me, like domino pieces, unconnected, having not “landed” within me. Wendy spotted the piece that was missing.  I realize that it is time to connect with the true essence of me by reclaiming my name.  I saw the dominos all fall into place to complete a puzzle. Now I am whole; now I feel connected to my higher self.

It wasn’t a holiday or a rest. It was a re-birth!  In the last 4 days since my return I’ve already witnessed the most wonderful shifts in my life.  I know where I am moving to, I have had news from one of the work opportunities that was “stuck”, have connected with an amazing new client, and my finances are already shifting before my very eyes. I am tired, but I feel a peace, and a connection, and a knowing that I am safe, I am whole, and I am enough.  My name is Danica, and like the brightest star in the sky, it is time for me to shine. I am ready to receive the joys of life that I have been waiting for, and I wouldn’t be here without the truly remarkable, transformational, profound journey that two days with Rachael and Wendy have brought me. I thought it would be amazing. It was a miracle that I am truly grateful for. I really believe that my time with them has changed my life.

Wendy explained to us that you get out of the retreat what what you put in. I really had to let go to do that. If you are ready to really look at yourself, your fears, your doubts, your insecurities, your pain, you beauty, your magnificence, your magic, then I believe this retreat and this kind of outcome can happen for you too.

Danica Apolline

Free Report Testimonials

Despite having learnt so much and being aware of tools to use to help me out of situations, I still have issues with self confidence at times and can very quickly become consumed by situations, then I spiral down my old path of habits. While reading the report I had so many “light bulb” moments it was untrue! Each of the seven tips are so enlightening in themselves and the report as a whole is just so comprehensive, showing just what skill and knowledge it was written with. I love the simplicity of each tip and how easy it is to put into practice, especially starting and ending each day with a positive thought, which I am doing now! The idea also of a CD with all your favorite uplifting songs is so simple yet so effective.  I was astounded at the first tip of working out what’s really going on and could relate to this so much. It is unbelievable at how many terrible negative things I have been saying to myself. I have taken on board so many of the tips and especially the one pertaining to doing something for yourself, which for me is my art. I have discovered that this is a good tool for allowing my mind to switch off when something is bothering me and has been very useful. Probably the best quote for me, which I have used over and over in my mind since reading this truly amazing report is “Be yourself – everyone else is taken”. I just love that, and know that those few words are going to be with me whenever I need a boost!

Finally, just one last note, which I think is a huge plus and bonus to this report, is that it is written with open examples of how Wendy has tried and tested each of these tips. This helps the reader to feel at ease and also to be able to relate to situations and life experiences, which is really very important and ultimately comforting!

Thank you Wendy for writing such an invaluable report that has been an enormous help to me and I am sure many others.