The Wisdom of Nature


A bespoke vibrational essence session £120

Connect with the nature beings who are ready to assist you at this time. This package includes a recorded 1-1 session via Zoom with Wendy to gain clarity on how your essence will support you, which nature beings to choose for your blend, the essence itself and the session recording link.

Six bespoke vibrational essence sessions £600

This package includes six 1-1 recorded sessions with Wendy via Zoom to support your healing journey using vibrational essences. After each session, I will email you the recording of our time together and prepare your bottle of essences to send to you. This gentle yet transformational experience is led by you and the nature beings you co-create with. I act as an introduction agent for you to meet essences from around the world. It is a magical process to discover which frequencies step forward to support you at this time. A profound, enjoyable, and highly effective modality. I recommend that your six sessions are taken approximately one month apart. I look forward to spending time with you.