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This page is a carefully curated selection of links to products that I personally don’t want to be without. They can be tricky to source or hard to find because some of them are not widely known about. These are products I both order regularly and frequently recommend to clients because they are wonderful to use, get great results, are kind to the body and are light on the planet. I hope you enjoy them and benefit from them as much as I do.

The (not so) small print.

I’ve created this blog as a free resource. As you might imagine, it requires time and a financial investment to keep it running. In order to keep it as a ‘free to you’ resource, the site is paid for by links that generate revenue when you click them. Not all of the links are revenue generating; wherever possible a * is added to show you where this occurs. Of course, you don’t have to use these links, but it will help me to keep the site running in the long term.

There are a number of different categories below:

Greens Powders *

Malt Syrup *


Greens Powders *


Organic Water Kefir Starter Cultures*

Sunwarrior Classic Protein Chocolate 1kg *


This is the best protein powder you can buy because….

Coconut Secret Coconut Flour *


Age-Defying Neck Cream *

Age-Defying Neck Cream UK_Fullsize Product Image

Berkey Water Filter Gym Bottle

Water Filter *

Berkey water filters have a carbon filtration system. You’ll be astonished by how much purer tap water tastes from one of these.

Vitamix Aspire *


Dulce Flakes *


Berkey Water Filter Gym Bottle



Celtic Sea Salt *

Salt gets a lot of bad press and the wrong type of salt is indeed damaging to our health.  However, Im hooked on the benefits of premium quality salt and as you might expect, the secret lies in its original source and method of production.  The product I recommend here is pure, clean and undamaged by the processing methods that blight so many of our modern day foods.  You can learn more about the health giving benefits of quality salt in my blog post here

Braggs Aminos *

Coconut Secret Alive Coconut Oil 473ml *



Ol'Vita Hempseed Oil *


Food Bars


Organic Food Bar - Active Greens*

Organice Food Bar - Active Greens


Organic Food Bar - Active Greens Chocolate *

Organic Food Bar - Active Greens


Organic Food Bar - Omega 3 Flax *

Organic Food Bar - Omega


Organic Food Bar - Chocolate Chip *

Organic Food Bar - Choc Chip


Organic Food Bar - Omega 3 Flax *

Organic Food Bar - Original


Organic Food Bar - Protein *

Organic Food Bar - Protein


Books – Emotional Wellbeing


The Big Leap – Gaye Hendricks

When we desire change there are so many things holding us back that lurk in our personal blindspot, hidden from view.  The Big Leap was one of the earliest books I encountered on my personal change journey and it remains one of my favourite book recommendations.  Jammed full of ‘aha!’ moments, it is easy to read and written with compassionate humour and razor sharp observation of the human condition.  Delivering a ton of personal insights, this book had me laughing out loud as the realisations landed and kept me determinedly on the path I wanted to follow.

Playing Big – Tara Mohr

In this book Tara takes you by the hand shares her personal and professional observations about why women can find themselves stuck, playing small and wondering why they feel inexplicably sidelined by their experience of life. Her book describes an inside out way of understanding your fear, unhooking from praise and criticism, tapping into your inner wisdom, communicating more powerfully and the nature of your calling. It’s a gorgeous read and had me nodding sagely to myself in recognition of the way in which we unintentionally hide from our best lives.