Wisdom Led Living


I’m Wendy Prior, creator of the Wisdom Led Living membership community, a growing tribe of ambitious, intelligent and spiritually curious women leaders.

By joining our community, my aim is to have you feeling confident, seen and resourced on your journey ahead; whatever you are here to achieve and lead.

I’ve spent the past decade creating sustainable personal success and I’ve supported countless women to do the same.

I’ve got the T-shirt on how to love yourself more, heal and grow from past setbacks, understand the forces at play when we aim to create a better life and where we can feel compelled to turn back before we reach our long-cherished goals.

My passion is to support YOU in alignment with your calling; to trust the body of work you are creating and to be at peace with your inner dialogue.

My intention is to help you achieve your highest potential because I know that with the right support and insights you can do anything.

What your heart desires is no mistake.

The way you want to feel is your internal navigation system signposting the way.


.oIn the Wisdom Led Living community, I offer life-changing strategies and information to help you transform the thoughts that aren’t serving you, break through the blockages you can’t shift on your own and free up your energy to live a more fulfilling life…

And all this by becoming more of who you really are.

Warm and professional, adventurous and action-oriented, Wisdom Led Living, is a community of like-minded women seeking next-level achievement with joy, ease and recognition.

Come and join us!

If you’re not sure whether our community will be perfect for you, get in touch via watts app on the number above and we will set up some time to connect on zoom and chat it through. Its my intention that you to join us with confidence and settle in like you’ve always been there!


Membership is usually £106 per month or £1060 per annum, it’s currently available for £53 per month or £530 per annum


This is a vibrant community of heart centred women achieving what they know, discover or remember their soul they came here to do…

Without the struggle and burnout.

Without the sleepless nights spent second-guessing yourself…

Without the sabotaging thoughts that challenge the truth of who you are and send you back to square one.


We are all uniquely resourced, so we showcase your work too.

Our member’s market is a powerful repository of knowledge and experience for all of us draw on.

We share our wins and our wisdom to enhance our experience of personal growth and connectedness.

Everything you need is within our community.


We explore and negate what has kept us at a distance from achieving our next step.

Just imagine…

No more second-guessing; just practical, proven spiritual success strategies to keep you sane and on your unique path. It’s about changing to become more of who you really are.


You’ve got this…and we’ve got you.


Yes please, I’d love to join you!


Monthly membership is currently £53 per month.

Annual membership is £530 per annum giving you a whole year for the price of ten months.

See you on the other side!

P.S. When you sign up, you will be invited to schedule some 1-1 time with me so that I can welcome you in person and find out what brings YOU to Wisdom Led Living.

Much love and see you very soon