The Wisdom of Change
Oracle Cards

Thank you for coming to find out more about The Wisdom of Change oracle card deck.

This deck is very special to me.  It represents 10 years of transformation and the insights I distilled from it.  After a decade of profound personal change and having supported hundreds of women on a similar journey, I created this deck for women in need of some inspired change wisdom.

I’m receiving feedback daily from the women who are using the wisdom of the cards for themselves and/or in their role as a practitioner supporting others. Therapists, coaches, artists, leadership experts, authors, healers and creatives are all finding nuggets of inspiration and sources of wisdom for themselves and others within the deck.

I received your DECK!!! Wow!!! So so beautiful, Thank you so so much!! Already drawn my first card!

Wendy, your cards inspire and have a shyness that is unusual for card decks. That translates into gentle magnetism. One receives in a manner counter to some of the more forceful decks where the image outshines the message. Thanks for sharing your work.
Shariananda Borregaard Adamz

There is no going back to how life was after the Covid-19 virus clears.  Your cards are perfect for this transition.

AA, Spain

Your beautiful cards have just arrived. As soon as I took them out, I could feel love, gentleness and deep, deep wisdom. Thank you so much. I know that I’m going to enjoy using them.
Janet Haase

Whether you are navigating unwanted circumstances that have happened to you, or if your heart longs for change that you haven’t manifested into your current reality yet, this deck is an invaluable resource.

During the past 10 years, I have found myself in deep conversation with my inner knowing in order to navigate losing 63 lbs of unwanted body fat, heal and grow from the end of a long-term relationship, let go of unsupportive friendships I thought would last a lifetime, chart the choppy waters of single motherhood, triumph in the face of financial difficulty, embark on the intense learning journey of entrepreneurship, survive the online dating scene, marry my soul mate, channel this card deck, secure a publisher for my first book and relocate to Dubai from the UK with my husband and two children.

In this deck, I share the approaches and reflections that continue to support me and my growing client base in our journey towards our hearts desires as modern, evolving women.

If you know in your soul that it’s time to do whatever you need to do to experience the life you came here to live, this deck is full of insights to remind you of the universal change wisdom that will support you every step of the way.

I hope you enjoy using the deck as much as I enjoyed creating it.

I absolutely LOVE The Wisdom of Change oracle deck. There is a sense of magic about them with their coloured borders and the beautiful illustrations that go with the wise words. We are in times of great change and these cards are the ones to have as part of your divining collection. I have been using them with my clients and I give an added aspect to the colour meanings, so they really enhance my healing work. There’s a softness, strength and wisdom that comes with these cards. Thank you, Wendy, for creating them at such a pivoting time.

Marcia O’Regan, Ireland

Colour Therapist, Author and Enlightenment Enable

Beautiful Wendy’s card deck has been such a blessing.  They have given me powerful and clear guidance when I was seeking to deepen into a direction.  I have used them in the context of my business, with my own healing journey and with mindset issues.  I have received some very potent shifts and awakenings from these cards.  Thank you for your wisdom and creation; so divine!

Arianna Aunon

Body Awakening Womens Health Coach & Food Medicine Woman

Your own copy of the Wisdom of Change Card Deck.

Own a copy of the Wisdom of Change card deck from the first ever print run!

Each deck contains an invitation to join our private facebook group ‘The Wisdom of Change’, where you can meet me, ask questions and share advanced ways to use the deck with other card deck owners, readers and change makers.

I post regularly with mini card readings and additional information to enhance your understanding of the deck and to support you towards your hearts desires.


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