One-to-One Coaching

I have the capacity to support a limited number of one to one clients at any given point in time.

You can work with me on an hourly basis or invest in a block of sessions to be used at an agreed frequency over an appropriate period.

I have clients from around the world, so connecting with you at a distance can be accommodated subject to time differences.

All my one to one coaching packages are bespoke to your individual needs.  

If you’d like to find out more please contact me in confidence by email or WhatsApp and I’ll be in touch

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Life is Change, Growth is Optional. Choose wisely.


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Wendy’s method of support is empowering and unique. She was recommended to me by a trusted friend, so I contacted her to help me resolve my anger following a relationship breakdown. My time with Wendy was practical and emotionally powerful, enabling me to explore further than my initial reason for seeking help. If I had to summarise our coaching five years down the line, it’s that she helped me to find myself again so that I could move forward with my life. I learnt so many invaluable ways to deal with personal challenge that remain with me to this day. It was worth every penny of the investment I made. If you find yourself feeling stuck and are struggling to move forward for whatever reason, I highly recommend investing in Wendy’s tailored support to get you back on track and excited about the future.
Kimberley Turner, London

Working with Wendy helped me get out of my mental ‘rut’. At the time I felt that there wasn’t a lot of joy in my life, especially after having had a ‘kicked when you’re down’ experience. I had the tendency to be negative and self-critical. However, were you to look at my life from the outside, you would most likely have seen a person who seemed serene, calm and ‘together’.

Within the safe space she provided, the gentle challenges and her wise words, a positive transformation gently unfurled. The heaviness that my colleagues had remarked upon had disappeared and I was more able to show my vulnerability without it seeming to be weak and to use my life experiences as a springboard to help other instead of a ball and chain to drag me down.

Those close to me commented upon my being happier and lighter in spirit. I would highly recommend working with Wendy especially if you are feeling stuck emotionally or creatively.

Danielle Abramov

Homeopathy and Intolerance Testing

I have been working with Wendy since the Spring of 2020. I approached Wendy to coach me because I was at a crossroads in my career and life and I wanted someone to assist me with the next stage of my career and journey. At the time, Wendy was based in Dubai and I came across her through a mutual contact who gave me her deck of cards. I was captivated by the cards, the story behind their existence and the unique and inspirational approach Wendy adopts. I just knew she was the right person for me because she was fearless, innovative and brave. I have met and worked with many coaches during my life and career but hands down, Wendy has impacted my life the most. She has helped me transform my dreams into my reality and she has focused my mind and reframed my doubts to a constructive, can do outcome. Whenever I feel like I am getting stuck, Wendy helps me unblock and move forward. She is refreshing, engaging, intelligent and unique. Everyone could benefit from Wendy in their life and I will continue to use Wendy to ensure I am always learning and improving and living!
Vanessa Di Cuffa

Working with Wendy is so rewarding. She gently guides you to find clarity and understanding, is insightful, supportive and also great fun! With a few simple questions, she helps you look at things differently and get past the blocks. Wonderful!
Saira Salmon, Wales

Metaphysician, Healer and Teacher

Without fail I have come away from coaching sessions with new insights and created coping strategies to help me adapt to situations that I have previously found very challenging. Not only have the sessions helped me to gain and implement practical solutions, but also uncover and challenge limiting beliefs that have held me back as a person. I would have never achieved this without Wendy, she is truly skilled as a coach. She has built a superb rapport with me from the very first session. I have felt comfortable, at ease and have felt supported throughout the coaching experience. She has a natural and innate ability to listen and focus fully on me. She hears what I say and is intuitive enough to understand what I don’t. Wendy asks relevant and thought-provoking questions. She allows me time to process my own thoughts and never pushes me to respond before I am ready. Wendy has been like a fairy godmother, helping me to learn to use my magic wand and understand the power I have to make my dreams come true‘.
TD, London

Since working with Wendy, I have viewed myself and the world in a completely different way and I have laid the foundations for some life-changing decisions. During my sessions, I laughed, experienced revelations and sometimes been moved to the verge of tears. I have no idea how Wendy enables me to access my inner knowing in the way that she does. Every step has been tailored to my specific journey and it has ‘shaken me loose’ at exactly the right time. I’m now learning again and moving forward towards my goals with more focus and drive than I’ve ever had. As an additional benefit, I have lost 3 stone in 4 months! If you are reading this, I’m assuming you are feeling the need for a change. All I can say is jump in whole-heartedly; investing in yourself is the best decision you can make. Wendy is a guide I cannot recommend strongly enough, challenge yourself today and you’ll be amazed at where you end up!
AS, Warwickshire

I have had five one-hour coaching sessions over the phone with Wendy and I found them extremely useful in helping me move forward with some of my personal and professional goals. She keeps good structure to sessions, is very focused and motivational and has given her full commitment to my progress. Even before we had our first session, I had the sense that Wendy would be a great coach and my intuition was definitely right. I feel very fortunate to have benefited from sessions with her.
NB, London

Wendy Prior is a Coach, Writer, Creative and Personal Change Specialist.

Following a decade of exploring her skills as a coach, she founded The Wise Girlfriend in 2017 as a vehicle to share success strategies with women seeking change for the better. In 2020 Wendy published The Wisdom of Change oracle deck which captures the key elements of change wisdom that led her to transform the trajectory of her own life and support countless clients to do the same. She is currently writing her first book; a guide for women seeking to create or having to navigate profound personal change.

Wendy has spent the past decade excavating and dusting off her Wise Girlfriend success strategies! During this time, she found herself in deep conversation with her inner knowing in order to lose 63 pounds of unwanted body fat, heal and grow from the end of a long-term relationship, chart the choppy waters of single motherhood, triumph in the face of financial difficulty, embark on the intense learning journey of entrepreneurship, survive the online dating scene, marry her soul mate, publish her first creative project, begin writing her first book and relocate to Dubai with her husband and children. Returning to the UK in May 2020 in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Wendy has settled in mid Devon and is enjoying the British countryside while working with clients from around the world.

You can get to know her (and yourself) better by subscribing to her email series ‘28 Ways to Access Your Inner Wisdom’ where she shares the insights and approaches that continue to work for her and support her growing community of fellow wise girlfriends.