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Small Groups

The Conscious Change Consultancy runs a range of small group events and programmes throughout the year.

Please enquire about the next available date via the contact form below, stating the event you are interested in.

The Conscious Kitchen

Held at her spacious family home in Arabian Ranches, this friendly six week programme is fun, informative and designed to whet your appetite to the enormous potential that delicious, healthful food offers in changing your life for the better.  

The focus of this programme is to inspire and inform you if would love to learn more about:

  • Reducing/eliminating gluten intake without feeling deprived
  • Finding great tasting and healthy alternatives to refined sugar
  • Exploring tasty ways to reduce a heavy reliance on dairy products
  • Navigating food intolerances and sensitivities
  • Getting to grips with cutting edge food and drink preparation 
  • Experimenting with delicious and unusual combinations of fresh, whole produce
  • Sourcing the highest quality ingredients
  • Discovering delicious food approaches that heal, cleanse and detoxify the body
  • Eliminating unwanted body fat the right way

Perfect for the health conscious who ‘don’t cook’ but love great food or for those who love cooking but are in need of some inspiration.  

A great place to share your favourite recipes and ingredients as I lead you through the minefield of dietary ‘ists’ and ‘isms’ to discover what your body really needs to be lean, healthy and full of energy.

To find out more about The Conscious Kitchen and to discuss your individual needs, please get in touch via the contact form below.

Courageous Conversations

Held at her spacious family home, or hosted at other hand selected venues based on the needs of the group, this six week programme is perfect for you if you feel your personal and/or professional life is not quite where you want it to be, but you can’t find a way to move forward by yourself.  

This deeply feminine gathering is designed for the compassionate, courageous woman who often finds herself feeling tired, confused, resentful, angry, frustrated and time poor.

You are probably concerned about:

  • Achieving the changes you want in life within your means and without disadvantaging those your love and care for.
  • Whether you have the knowledge, resources, time and energy you need to create the life you truly desire.
  • Your energy levels, clarity of though, diet and general wellbeing.
  • The quality of your relationships; romantic and/or friends, family and/or colleagues.
  • Regaining a sense of passion and purpose; how to have fun and experience more of what you love within your busy lifestyle.
  • Things that are not right in the world; you would love to make a meaningful impact and stay on top of the demands of your busy life.

If you seek new perspectives, better answers, intelligent insights and proven techniques to move you in the direction you want to go, this is the perfect forum to know yourself better and provide you with the tools and resources that deliver the results you desire. 

To find out more about Courageous Conversations and to discuss your individual needs, please complete the contact form below.

Bespoke Events 

If you represent a group of people with a shared interest or goal I can create the perfect event or programme to get you where you need to be.

Examples of past bespoke groups include:

  • Eliciting the team values and mission statement for a medium sized organisation
  • Masterminding to improve the results of a network marketing team
  • A range of two day group retreats for women who shift from overwhelmed and confused to energised, calm and clear

Please get in touch using the contact form below with a brief outline of your needs and I will schedule a call to take your project forward.

To enquire about any of my small group sessions, please complete your details mentioning the type of group that you’re interested in and I’ll be in touch.

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